2015 Summer School in Computational Sensory-Motor Neuroscience
(CoSMo 2015)


We are very pleased to announce the preliminary program below. Lectures will be organized in 1-day or 2-day themed modules with two or three interacting lecturers. Lectures will take place in the morning (8:30am-12pm) and related Matlab simulation laboratories will take place in the afternoon (1:30-4:30pm). In addition, there will be professional development lectures and an introduction to data / model sharing. There will also be a 2-week long project where attendants in small groups can readily apply the newly acquired computational tools to a research project (e.g. re-analyze data from the data base, build your own models, etc...). Attendants will work on those projects during the late afternoons and evenings and will make use of the data / model sharing initiative.

Jun 28 (afternoon)
Arrival at De Poort, Groesbeek
and Social/Beers @ Malden Glider Airfield
Jun 29-30
Gunnar Blohm
Konrad Körding
Pieter Medendorp
John Van Opstal
Paul Schrater
Introduction - overview of sensory-motor control
Jun 29 (evening) Paul Schrater
Gunnar Blohm
How to model - a practical guide
Jul 1
Jörn Dietrichsen
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte
Brain coding and decoding
Jul 2
Stefan Glasauer
John Van Opstal
Motor learning and control
Jul 3-4
Kathy Cullen
Bart Krekelberg
Multisensory processing
Jul 6-7
Sophie Denève
Robert van Beers
Computational Methods in Neuroscience
Jul 8
Hans Scherberger
Pieter Medendorp
Reach and grasp mechanism
Jul 9-10
2-week project wrap-up and presentations
Jul 7 (evening)
Bastiaan Bloem Keynote lecture - Parkinson's disease
Jul 11 (morning)

All CoSMo lecture material is available here.


Social activities

Aside from lectures and laboratory tutorials, there will also be social and professional events. Those will permit the participants to do social networking, discuss potential collaborations, exchange experiences and - most importantly - have informal contact with the lecturers and organizers. These events will include an opening (evening of Jun 28) and closing reception (evening of Jul 10), a weekend outing (Jul 5 - Biking in Veluwe National Park & visit Kröller-Möller Museum of Modern Art), as well as daily group breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There will also be organized one-on-one meetings of participants with lecturers of their choice. Details about these activities will be provided in the final program sent to all participants prior to the start of the summer school.