2018 Summer School in Computational Sensory-Motor Neuroscience
(CoSMo 2018)


signTo apply for this summer school, please fill in the application form below and provide all required information. Also, please read the General Information page regarding the selection process and criteria, which should help you with the application.

NEW: We are very delighted to announce that the cost of attendance is fully covered by NIH funding! This includes, accommodation and 3 meals/day (but not travel!). CoSMo 2018 attendance is thus FREE, but participation is limited to 40!


We are pleased to provide Canadian travel scholarship (from Brain Canada) specifically available to Canadian students attending CoSMo. These scholarships are meant to help students overcome the personal financial burden that CoSMo might represent to them in the absence of other funding. In order to be eligible, please provide a detailed letter of application indicating the following: How are you currently funded? What is your tuition / salary money source? Who pays for CoSMo? What funds are available to you for traveling (to CoSMo and to any other conference / workshop)? Include a convincing statement of financial need! These scholarships are intended to help students who could not otherwise afford CoSMo.

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* Reference letters can be uploaded or submitted separately. If submitted separately, please upload a PDF with the referees' contact info. It is your responsibility to arrange for letters to be sent! We will not contact referees for missing letters! Letters should be sent to gunnar.blohm@queensu.ca.