Potential CISC 499 projects

Project 1: MEG brain imaging-based functional neural connectivity analysis

Magneto-Encephalography (MEG) data will be analyzed using the free Matlab toolboxes to identify functional connectivity strengths between different brain areas involved in reach planning. So far we have obtained areas of interest and would like to know how they connect to one another across different frequency bands. To investigate that, we will use an event-related causal modelling approach called orthogonalized partial directed coherence.This will give us a frequency-dependent connectivity between multiple areas for each point in time in the reaching task at hand. One challenge will be to graphically represent these high-dimensional data.

Project 2: DTI anatomical brain connectivity analysis

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) data will be analyzed using free Matlab software (such as fanDTasia) in order to uncover the anatomical white matter tract connectivity between brain areas involved in reach planning. We will place seeds in a series of 16 bi-lateral brain regions to look for likely anatomical connections between all 32 regions of interest in the brain. We will then develop graphical tools to reduce dimensionality and visualize only relevant connections.

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